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Grown and roasted in Ethiopia

It all started with a stupidly simple idea:
Coffee should be a lot better, coffee farmers should get paid a lot more and coffee-growing countries should be a lot more self-sufficient and not get screwed by the big coffee system. All our coffee is grown sustainably in the shade of the Ethiopian forest and at an altitude above 1500m. In partnership with our farmers in Limu and Jimma, we hand pick only the best beans, which are slow dried and slow roasted to create excellent single origins and blends.
Moyee is 100% speciality coffee. Only the very best Arabica coffee can call itself speciality coffee. It's not an easy honour to win. You need a cupping score of 85 or higher. Trust us, that's tough to pull off!

Moyee coffee bags
Coffee cherry

Forest Shielded

Coffee is a shade crop which is best grown out of direct sunlight. We protect our coffee beans by growing them in Ethiopia’s beautiful Beleta forest.

Worker picking coffee

Hand Picked

Coffee beans are actually cherries, some of which are ripe, many not. Humans can distinguish between the two, whereas machines cannot.

Workers drying coffee

Washed & dried

After we pick the cherries, we remove the pulp and wash them in a fresh water bath before letting the beans dry in the sun for a day or two.

Worker roasting coffee

Slow Roasted

To get the best flavour and taste from our coffee we slow roast our beans for 12 – 13 minutes.

Moyee Customer

From Ethiopia
direct to your cup