How do subscriptions work?

Our FairChain Gift Sets, Triple Tasters and 1KG subscriptions are shipped on the last Wednesday of every month meaning they should be with you by the weekend (for Irish deliveries).

Is there a difference for subscriptions beginning at Christmas?

Yes, we will ship the subscriptions the week of the 12th December to make sure they’re with you in time for gift-giving!
Please add a comment to Order Notes in the Billing & Shipping section during checkout or email hello@moyeecoffee.ie if you want to change the delivery address after the first delivery i.e. if you want to give the first one as a gift and have the rest delivered directly.

What if I’m not home during the delivery time?

We strongly recommend you use a work address for delivery purposes. We’ve also included phone number as a required field to make it easier for our delivery people to find you.

Why do you need my contact phone number?

As mentioned above, we ask for a contact number so our delivery partners can contact you during delivery. We may also contact you if there are any questions about your order or unexpected delays.

Can I choose the coffee blend, grind or type of chocolate in my order?

Please add a comment in Order Notes if you would like to choose a specific coffee blend for your one-off or subscription order.
For the FairChain Gift Set, we will provide a selection of Madécasse chocolate flavours but please add a comment in Order Notes if you want a particular flavour.
You can select beans or a particular grind on the product page under ‘Grind’.

What is the correct grind for my brewing device at home?

We recommend buying beans and grinding coffee freshly at home but we also grind on demand for your order.
You can select Filter or Espresso when purchasing an item and please add a comment in Order Notes if you want to be more specific with your grind settings.

Cafetière/French Press
Your da’s classic filter machine

Moka Pot
Espresso Machine

How long to one-off orders take to arrive?

We aim to have one-off orders with you within 4-5 business days at busy periods but we aim for 1-2 business days.
If there are any delays or stock becomes unavailable we will keep you informed right away.
Deliveries outside of Ireland can take longer than 4-5 business days so please contact us for an accurate timescale.

Do you deliver outside Ireland?

Yes, we deliver to UK and worldwide. Please see delivery charges in Payment Info section.
Delivery prices are through An Post and tracker and signature delivery is available at additional cost. Please contact us for more info.

What should I do if I change my address?

Get in touch at hello@moyeecoffee.ie and we’ll make the change.

Can I return an item?

We make every effort to make sure our products and descriptions are accurate. If you feel the product does not live up to our standards, please contact us at hello@moyeecoffee.ie and we’ll try to rectify your concerns immediately.

Do you store my credit card details on your site or servers?

No, we take credit card security seriously. We use Stripe and PayPal for online purchases who use encrypted payments to connect with your bank and authorise payments.

Do you sell to offices?

Yes! Contact shane@moyeecoffee.com about our Office Pricing Plans and workplace coffee solutions.

Where can I learn more about Moyee’s social impact?

Our Dutch partners recently published their radically transparent Impact Report for 2016, including links to appendices, sources and other information we mention on our site. You can check it out here.

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