Moyee is not your average coffee company.
Yeah, we make awesome coffee but our goal is to radically change the way coffee is grown, roasted and delivered. We call this FairChain.
A true 50/50 partnership with coffee producing countries where our coffee is grown and roasted. By roasting in our world-class roaster in Ethiopia, more profit remains in the hands of the men and women who contribute greatest to the coffee chain. It's coffee that offers real opportunity while reducing the need for development aid.

Fairchain scales
The Fairchain Principles
The divide between growing and roasting
Fairchain is alla bout sharing.
Big coffee squeezes out the value-adding activities in coffee producing countries.

Right now, this very minute, 85% of total coffee value disappears into the pockets of a few big coffee multinationals.
This means coffee producing countries, like Ethiopia, are left with only 15% of the value. But it gets worse, because only 2% of that is actual profit. In our age of transparency, there’s no way to justify this imbalance. Welcome to FairChain. We believe it’s time to change!

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Moyee worker roasting coffee beans

Fairchain supports 5 times as many jobs!

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